Together we can DewMore.

At Dewey's Pizza, we nourish our community. This means supporting our local nonprofits through product donations, volunteerism, and Giveback Nights. If we can be of service, please review the ways to partner and submit your request online today.


We are proud to have raised more than 1.5 million dollars for local charities and we look forward to partnering with you. Online requests for partnership are preferred. Donations submitted by phone, social media, mail or email may not be considered.



Product Donation – Dewey’s is happy to review your request for pizzas and salads! Donations may not be available on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Volunteerism – Our team members are next level when it comes to helping in the community. Park clean ups and more, let us join you!

Be Our Guest Card – Sometimes a raffle item is all you need to elevate your event! We provide $25 donation gift cards to worthy causes. Not redeemable for cash. Not applicable for gratuity.

Giveback Night – Let’s raise dough, together, for local non-profits. These in-store fundraisers are great for schools and other nearby organizations. They are held on Mondays or Tuesdays from 4 PM to close. We provide the marketing tools, you bring the family, friends and supporters to eat pizza and raise funds! Up to 20% of all orders will be donated back to the organization. Proper paperwork must be submitted for the request to be considered.